Beth Manns, MSW, LCSWA

"On this path let the heart be your guide." -Rumi

About Me

Born and raised in Vermont, I went to college in New Hampshire and graduated with a B.A. in 2003. I moved down South to pursue a change in environment and independence. Not long after starting a family I experienced a significant loss. I later moved to North Carolina to be closer to to my support network.

Through this experience I became more in touch with my desire to support those experiencing emotional pain. Being a parent to my two children has also provided a deeper perspective of the unwavering human need for belonging and attachment.

I spent some time volunteering in hospice and found myself earning a Master in Social Work at The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and going on to become a licensed clinical social worker associate.

After graduating I worked at an agency providing mental health services to adults and adolescents primarily of lower socioeconomic status, with significant adverse childhood experiences. I gained experience utilizing trauma therapy, such as EMDR and attachment theory-based techniques. I also gained experience with Dialectical Behavioral Therapy by co-facilitating a DBT group for adults.

I am skilled at both creating rapport with clients, and creating an atmosphere of safety and understanding; imbued with a "felt sense." Because "we are hurt in relationship and we heal in relationship," I believe it is important to develop a strong therapeutic relationship in order to encourage healing.

I believe in the significance of corrective emotional experiences and what role they play in the healing process. My intention during therapy is to walk beside you and support you in "becoming comfortable being uncomfortable." I have been described as a "friendly visitor," and I do view myself as a "visitor" who has been invited into your inner world. You are the real host during therapy sessions; inviting me into your experiences at your discretion and at your pace.

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"Sometimes we go on a search and do not know what we are looking for, until we come again to our beginning."